Thanks for stopping by. You're probably here because a volunteer gave you one of our informational flyers that talked about where our water comes from in Orange County, and how pending deals might send your water bill skyrocketing.

The proposed Poseidon Desalination factory and their "Take or Pay Contracts" would commit your local water agency for thirty years to buy expensive water that we just don't need.

If you haven't seen our flyer, please start by getting the big picture story  and getting a little information about where we get our water now.  Click here to read our flyer (PDF).


How to Contact Decision Makers


have_your_say.jpgIf you want to contact your local decision makers, please click the big button on the right side of the page and enter your contact information to sign our petition.

We'll make sure that your name, city, and zip code goes to everyone who will be making decisions about whether your local agency will be signing a "Take or Pay" agreement with Poseidon.

We will also soon have a page where you can find the contact information of each one of your local decision makers if you want to follow up personally by phone, letter, or individual emails.

Staying informed about what's happening in your area

city_council_meeting.jpgWhen will your City Council or water agency be making decisions about whether to sign a "Take or Pay" agreement that could raise your water bills?

We will keep you posted when any action items appear on the agenda of your local City Council or water agency so you can show up in person and remind decisions makers that they work for us.

California is an open government state with open meetings and public records where every citizen has a right to be heard at any public meeting.

You don't have to be eloquent to make your voice heard in a public meeting and you don't even have to attend. Every phone call to a City Council member or a water board member gets noticed.


 Want to Know More?

There's plenty of information on this website, and we also include news from other sources so you can stay posted on water issues in Orange County and in California.

Friend us on Facebook or sign up for email updates and we'll send you regular, but not too frequent updates. You can sign up to receive information right up there in the upper right hand corner of any page.

Want to Help Us?

volunteer.jpgWe rely on individual to spread our message to their neighbors.

If you want to help, we will give you high-quality materials that explain the issues and enough training so you feel confident spreading the word. You will be very pleasantly surprised about how receptive your neighbors are when a volunteer comes to the door talking about important local issues.


We also are tremendously grateful for small dollar donations. Our budget for this campaign is less than Poseidon gave to the Political Action Committees that funded the vicious smear campaign against Huntington Beach Council Woman Jill Hardy.

Every dollar makes a difference. If you want to see where your money goes, click on that big red Donate button up there on the right side of the page and we'll tell you more about how your small dollar contribution makes a difference.




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